Dress (on sale!) // Necklace  (on sale!) // Watch // Shoes (on sale!)

I wanted to share some of my snapchats from the trip so here they are!
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I don't know where the actual picture I took for my shoes went, (they were on the camera and when I went to uplaod they were gone... So here's the snapchat! I'm obsessed with these!


This is The Pearl! We didn't stay there, but the decor is so cute and charming!

This place was called The Donut Hole and it was so adorable! It's a Donut place and a breakfast house so you can sit down or order to go! There most famous donut is the Red Velvet and it was amazing.

Here's the link to my Bad Hair Day hat! (I seriously wear this all the time, its in my last 4 instagram posts...)



 Black Tory's // Tan Tory's (okay, I searched everywhere for these and they don't carry them anymore so the only places you can buy them are google/ amazon. Just type in: Tory Burch Phoebe Logo Sandal and they should pop right up!)


Hey Y'all!
I wanted to show you guys a little bit from my Rosemary trip as well as this easy ensemble!! If you're looking for a down to earth vacay spot, this is your place! Everything is walking distance and you can bike to the next town over if you're up for it! If you're looking for a more high tempo town Seaside is for you! They have food trucks and different shops that stay open later at night. Overall it was an amazing trip!

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